Serbajadi Seeds Shanghai Caixin ( BBS053 ) (+/- 90 Seeds)

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Serbajadi Shanghai Caixin - Brassica chinensis var. parachinensis  ( Cruciferae)

This vegetable is also known as flowering white cabbage, is a biennial herb grown as an annual and is popular for its quality. Cultivation is more successful during the dry season with necessary irrigation. Both the leaves and stems are eaten, while the flowering tips are also edible. The cabbage is often briefly blanched before being added to soup and noodle dishes, although it can also be stir fried or braised.

Type of vegetable: Leafy

Edible parts: Flowering stems, with associated small leaves and flower buds



Best soil: Fertile, well drained soil with a pH level of 6.0-6.8 is most suitable.

How to plant: Seeds can be directly sown into the field. Sow seeds ¼” deep, ½” apart, in rows spaced 2 feet apart. Thin seedlings to 12” to 24” apart.

When to harvest: 30 to 45 days after sowing of seeds when the first flowers have opened

How to harvest: For greens, use whole plants when they are small. Cut off 2” to 3” from base of the stem.

Care: Keep soil moist. Weed regularly. Maintain good drainage.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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