Serbajadi Seeds Hong Kong Kai Lan ( BBS044 ) (+/- 30 Seeds)

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Serbajadi Hong Kong Kai Lan - Brassica rapa var. Alboglaba Cruciferae

This vegetable is a perennial plant which is sometimes referred to as Chinese Kale.  It has thick, fat, glossy blue-green leaves which are large and slightly crinkled; with a relatively thick waxy coating. Hong Kai Lan is particularly popular with Chinese cooks throughout South East Asia, and also with the Thais. Like many leafy vegetables, Kai Lan is packed with calcium which is good for bone health. It is also one of the most highly nutritious vegetables, having an excellent content of beta-carotenes and is also a very good source of vitamins C, B1, B2, and E as well as many minerals, including copper, iron. This is a an expensive but popular leafy vegetable has dark green leaves and they are generally pulled off the central stem, and the stems (except for the tough end) peeled and sliced for stir frying.

Type of vegetable: Leafy

Edible parts: Leaves; stems



Best soil: Requires a rich but well-drained soil, kept continually moist during the growing season. A high level of organic content in the soil is required for optimum growth.

How to plant: Sow seeds ¼” deep 1” apart, in rows spaced 112” to 24” apart, thin seedlings to 4” to 6” apart.

When to harvest: Harvesting begins as the flowers buds develop.

How to harvest: Cut stem at 3” to 4” above ground.

Care: Keep soil moist. Weed regularly. A high level of organic content in the soil is required for optimum growth.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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