Serbajadi Seeds American Marigold;Tagetes Erecta FS017 (+/- 85 Seeds)

RM 5.30

Serbajadi American marigold; African marigold ( Tagetes Erecta )

Height : 2 - 3 ft ( .6-.9m )



Gardening Tips 

  1. We strongly recommend to use Serbajadi Biodegradeble Peat Pot Set for rapid seed germination.
  2. For trasplanting, it best to use to Serbajadi Potting Mix or Potting Soil.
  3. Moisten the soil before adding the seeds. Add enough water to get a spongy wet consistency, but do not completely saturate the soil.
  4. Dig a hole only 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) deep and equally as wide. A transplanted / potted flower will need a hole as deep as the root ball that it comes with. Flowers don’t need to be smothered with soil, so burying them deep isn’t necessary.
  5. Water again. Only add a small sprinkle of water to moisten the seeds and the new soil. Do not drown your seeds.
  6. Cover your container. If using a germination tray, it likely came with a clear plastic cover. Otherwise, use clear plastic wrap. The cover prevents your seeds from drying out, but it must be clear to allow adequate sunlight through.
  7. Remove the covering once the seedlings show two complete sets of leaves.Relocate the seedlings to a location with better sunlight.
  8. Start your seeds indoors 4 to 8 weeks before you plan on transferring them to your outdoor garden. Typically, this means starting them 4 to 8 weeks before the expected last frost. Doing so gives your seedlings plenty of time to develop prior to the transfer, making them strong enough to withstand winds, insects, and other pests.
  9. During the growing stage, use Foliar Growing Inducer 63 as a Foliage Booster. 
  10. To ensure plants bloom with abundat flowers, richer in colour - use Morebloom 55 Flower Booster.
  11. Water plants at least twice daily for best result.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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