Serbajadi Plant Food Pure Organic 18 Fertiliser (1Kg)

RM 9.50

100% Biodegrable Enviromental Friendly

Baja Serbajadi Pure Organic 18 is manufactured from 100% bidegrable organic matters fully compost the natural way. It enhances nutrients absorption from the soil into the plant and also promotes soil microbial activity  thereby improving the structure of the soil it is quick acting but at the same time contains slow releasing components which will prolog its effectiveness in the soil. Regular use of Baja Serbajadi Pure Organic fertiliser will contribute sighhificantly to more vigorous growth and high yields in vegetables Fruit and Flowers and other crop like Padi and Tobacco



Use the guideline below to determine the dosage of application. Apply plantfood away from the stem and water immediately.

Apply every 10 days.

Small potted plants:1 level teaspoon per pot
Big potted plants:1 level tablespoon per pot
Young trees:3 to 5 tablespoons per plant
Older trees:5 to 10 tablespoons per plant



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.



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