Serbajadi Bermuda Grass (100g/200g/500gm, approx. 425sq ft)

RM 17.40

Serbajadi Grass Seeds - Bermuda Grass ; Green Couch Grass ( Cynodon Dactylon )

  • Superior seed coat quality
  • Less dust irritation for end users
  • More uniform germination
  • Anti - pest and anti - disease



Seed Sowing Steps

  1. Apply Baja Serbajadi Multipurpose Potting Mix as base dressing, level and firm down.
  2. Sow seeds by lightly scattering over surface.
  3. Lightly cover seeds with more potting mix or press gently into the surface.
  4. Water regularly for best results. If possible, water twice a day.
  5. Apply Lawn lawn fertilizer at 6 - 8 weekly intervals, over the period of growth, to promote a vigorously growing lawns.
  6. Every 100g is good for 8 sq meter. ( 85 sq ft )



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.



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