Gardena Electric Flexible Steerable Lawnmower 34 E easyMove

RM 2,060.00

The manoeuvrable lawnmower with steering wheel and single-arm handle for effortless mowing. With steering wheel and patented steering gear for great manoeuvrability and turning capability. Powerful electric motor with blade braking device. Infinitely adjustable, telescopic handle adjusts to your body height. Swivel-away handle makes it easy to remove and insert the grass catcher. Folding handle makes it easy to lift the lawnmower and provides compact storage. Steering wheel with convenient safety switch on handle and electric starter. Handle can be easily locked at the steering wheel using a stay-put switch when mowing on slopes and inclines or when mowing stripes. Movable cable guide and cable strain relief. Front wheels can be fixed in one position using knobs. Wheels: slide bearings. Casing: high impact plastic.


 Collector volume 30 lit / 0.85 cu.feet
 Power 1100 W
 Cutting height adjustment On wheels
 Cutting width 34 cm / 13.39 inch
 Cutting height steps 4
 Cutting height, min-max 20 - 65 mm / 0.79 - 2.56 inch
 Weight 16.1kg

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