Gardena Comfort Aquazoom 350/3

RM 339.00

The GARDENA Comfort Aquazoom 350/3 is the ideal sprinkler for watering various rectangular areas from 28 m² to maximum 350 m². It has an infinitely adjustable range from 7 m to maximum 21 m, and an individually adjustable width of spray from 4 m to maximum 17 m. Thanks to the flow control, the range and width of spray can be finely adjusted. To optimally water higher plants, you can secure the sprinkler on the GARDENA Sprinkler Tripod. In this way, you can individually customise irrigation to your garden.


 Area coverage 28-350 m² / 301.4-3767.4 square ft
 Range of Spray Ø 7-21 m / 23-68.9 feet
 Width of spray max 17 m / 55.8 feet

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