Gardena Above Ground Drip Irrigation Line - 50m

RM 530.00

The Below and Above Ground Drip Irrigation Line with a diameter of 13.7 mm is installed underground where it is not visible and serves the irrigation of bordering plants and lawn areas. The drip head spacing in the pipe is 30 cm, each head gently waters 1.6 l/h. The drip heads are self-sealing so that they do not dirty after being put into storage. The drip heads have a root blocker that prevents roots from entering the installed, underground pipe. With a Master Unit fitted in the middle, the Drip Irrigation Line can be extended with the Extension Set Art. No. 1395-20; the maximum length is 200 metres. The water pressure is the same at every point in the Drip Irrigation Line, to ensure even irrigation. The Drip Irrigation Line is supplied ready-to-connect with the Master Unit 1000, 1 End-piece and 1 T-Joint, and has a length of 50 metres.

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