Serbajadi Potting Soil (5L/20L)

RM 7.30


Use as A planting Mix -

-Dig a hole twice the size of the pot.

-Combine Serbajadi Planting Compost in equal proportions with soil from the hole.

-Baja Serbajadi Planting Compost enriched soil around the plant taking care to raise soil level past existing pot.

Use As A Soil Improver - When used annually will help create better where soil conditions for all plants by:

-Relieving compacted soil

-Opening up clay soils

-Adding nutrients

-Aid moisture retention

Use As A Mulch - Ideal mulching material for all garden where it will give your garden that freshly cultivated look. Apply annually.

-Suppresses weed growth

-Keeps roots cool in summer

-Retains moisture

-Use less water

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