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AgroMarine Organic Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer is a complete and powerful all-purpose natural fish fertilizer made from deep ocean fish. It is produced using a cold process method using enzymes to break down fish to simpler protein molecules which are easily absorbed by the plants. With our cold process, the vitamins, amino acids, minerals, oil, enzymes and growth hormones are not damaged or destroyed. Since no oils or proteins are removed, the nutrients remain in the soil longer and the nutrients can be absorbed by the plants more effectively. Some advantages to using hydrolyzed fish fertilizer are that it rebuilds soil and gives excellent plant growth with increased yields.

Key Features & Benefits
❖ Rich in Natural Macronutrients & Micronutrients
❖ Contains over 18 types of amino acids to stimulate growth and regenerate plant cells
❖ Increase microbial activity in soil
❖ Stimulates root development
❖ Boosts flower production and fruiting
❖ 20-40% Humic Acid
❖ 30-40% Organic Matter
❖ Omega-3 Oil softens hardened soil
❖ Enhances plant immune system

Amino Acid Profile
✓ Arginine
✓ Aspartic Acid
✓ Alanine
✓ Glutamic Acid
✓ Glycine
✓ Histidine
✓ Isoleucine
✓ Leucine
✓ Lysine
✓ Methionine
✓ Cystine
✓ Phenylalanine
✓ Proline
✓ Serine
✓ Tyrosine
✓ Threonine
✓ Valine

Method of Application
1) Foliar Application: AgroMarine Organic Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer is suited as a foliar application for boosting crops from early to late stages of maturity. Trace elements, minerals and complex organic compounds are absorbed into the plant’s leaf surface and are rapidly translocated to the roots. Foliar absorption is immediate and it will raise the brix levels.Residues left on the leaf surface help suppress insect and fungal attack by encouraging fungal bacteria and reducing insects leaf palatability – most pest insects dislike plants with higher brix levels.

2) Soil Application: AgroMarine Organic Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer can be used as a soil drench to encourage rapid microbial activity, especially where chemical usage has decreased soil biological activity in the past. Following application, stored sugars are released from the roots as energy for growth and fruit/tuber production. Root hairs exude sugars and these stimulate healthy microbial activity in adjacent soil. These microbes flourish & immediately begin unlocking stored nutrients from the soil.

General: 5-10ml/L of water applied to point of run-off from the foliage.
Sensitive plants: 5 ml/L to point of run-off from the foliage.
Frequency: Use once every 1-2 weeks during active growth.

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